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About Me

I like to write code and talk about it.

I am also a radio host hence the talking.

When I'm not doing those things, I sell and buy aircraft parts.

Rastko Savić

My background is a transition from a journalist to a developer. Therefore, I decided to create this website, where the two passions meet and I can share my work and ideas.


Freelance WEB Developer

Computer Code

Best way to learn, is to actualy do it

Initially skilled in Java and Java related web technologies, I was able to expand that knowledge to other areas by making websites for small businesses. It allowed me to experience PHP, advanced JavaScript and all sorts of API-s, as well as get better at the front and back end sides of web development.

Programming makes you want to learn more, so in the process I also picked up a bit of Python 3 and a touch of C#. Then, I dived into Node.js, and naturally that made me go into MERN. I don't really have preference and feel comfortable learning anything new. You can check out my repos at:

Journalist / Radio Host

Rastko Savić Radio Show

I can talk the talk, but I can also walk the walk

Working as a Radio Host at Sport FM, has challenged me in many ways, but has also allowed me to acquire great social and leadership skills. Interviewing all sorts of people, managing their egos and still finishing the job professionally, while not caving in high pressure situations is the greatest trial by fire.

Sports and tech don't seem to have much in common, yet we can argue that both are competitive and high pressure environments. In broadcasting you often prepare for an hour, just so you can present 5 minutes of a program. Similarly, in programming, it is wise to plan well, before you ever touch a keyboard key.

Purchase & Sales Manager AEROTISA


Brokerage & Consulting

Aircrafts run in my blood, or you can say fly, since both of my parents worked in this field. Trading parts is a completely different thing, yet I feel it is again this high pressure environment, that helped me get into it.

You get to learn a lot when you're dealing with people from all over the world. Wether they‘re selling or buying, they often require special services, which you have to provide on the go and do it quickly in order to keep them as a client.


Oracle Certified Associate

Java SE 8 Programmer

Oracle Certified Associate


I've passed the OCA - Java SE 8 Programmer test, further solidifying my Java and OOP knowledge. It was a grea journey and you can check out my acclaim at:


IT Academy

Java Developer Course

Java Code on Screen

Certified Java Developer

I took part in an extensive programming course at IT Academy, which helped me get a solid background in core programming, as well as specific Java and other Web technologies. I feel that for me it was good to start with a language like Java, even though many think it is hard on beginners. The concepts of OOP felt like second nature to me.

My final exam included a Web app, designed for trading aircraft parts. It was built on top of Spring framework and included some Javascript with Ajax. I used MySQL for my complex database. You can check out the source at:

Megatrend Belgrade

Faculty of Culture and Media

Journalism Microphone

Bachelor of Journalism

I‘ve gotten great pleasure in getting a formal education in Journalism, and I believe it has helped me craft additional social and communicational skills, making me more comfortable at both leading and following.

I was a very proactive student and I was very lucky to have professors, who were willing to discuss all kinds of topics, both academically and practically. This way I've got the best of both worlds.



Tutorial Learning

A Great Learner

There is a red line when it comes to learning through tutorials, and it is very thin. Sure you can very easily gather all the basic knowledge of a particular tech, but that can get you in an infinite loop, which is hard to get out from.

My strategy, when learning this way is to just browse through a tutorial and use it as a jumping of point to greater knowledge.

Code Proficiency

This is how I feel about some of my development skills

















Java Spring








Additional Skills



I have a good understanding of Adobe products, specifically Photoshop and Illustrator.


Sound Forge
Vegas Pro

I also have experience working with sound processing software - Soundforge and Sony Vegas

MULTILINGUAL, not just code


I have an excellent grasp on the English language. In addition, I'm also verbal in Italian, and can find my way around Indonesian.

I am very open to colaboration projects

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