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App/Frontend | App/Backend

     Getting a list of items from the database and returning it to the front end. Introduction to Tinker.

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     Manipulating databases with Laravel, creating tables and migrations.

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     Finishing the main layout. Adding header and footer areas. Intro to Laravel dynamic content - dynamic title and description. Dynamically adding the active class on links and a special go back button.

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     An introduction to Blade templating language. Using Blade layouts, appends. Making a navigation bar and a sidebar.

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     Introduction to Laravel routes, controllers and the Blade templating engine. You'll get to know how to make new Blade pages, which extend layouts, how to make routes and controllers for them. We'll also mention a few useful Artisan commands.

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Java Break - Declare and Initialize Variables - Java Core Part - VI
Java Break - Declare and Initialize Variables - Java Core Part - VI

     Declaring and initializing variable in Java. How to do it properly and avoid mistakes.

     The sixth chapter...