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The Style Guide

Personal Guide

Written by Rastko

date - 22/Aug/18 | views - 150

The Style Guide

     This is a short article on rules I set on both myself and any future contributors to rastcodes.com.

     It will include instructions on how to write guides, so that both industry professionals and newcomers can understand the topic.


Use common language when possible


     Many tutorials tend to suffocate the text with technical vocabulary, which may be confusing and assumes the reader is already familiar with the phrase. Avoid doing this when possible. Especially, be careful when introducing properties of a specific language or a framework, because even professionals may find it hard to take new topics.

     For example, writing about Java and OOP, may need further explanation on Object Oriented Programming, or at least a reference to an existing article on the topic.


Use comparisons


     Introducing an aspect of a programming language to a person with experience can be easier if you can find good comparisons to other, especially more common technologies.

     A simple example of this would be in regards to variable declaration. In JavaScript you can use var (or let, const - depending on the syntax), while Java primitives may need further elaboration by providing a type.


Use familiar examples


     Many people take new knowledge visually and helping them achieve this is a step further to a good guide. Avoid abstract examples and focus on the worldly topics.

     For example, writing about a class A, which inherits from class B and implements an interface C with a method blob is very confusing. However, the same can be achieved by writing about a class Car, which inherits from class Vehicle and implements an interface MotorizedVehicle with a method startIgnition, uses empathy and therefore is better suited.


Use a Step by Step approach


     Try to divide your content into clear parts as readers will be able to assess the time need to complete a guide and if needed, take a break, without losing the trail of thought. Do this in both singular articles, as well as a guide series.


     This style guide will improve as we go along, and we ask all to give us pointers.

     Thank you,

     Rastko Savić

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